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Millennial Voter Partnership

The Millennial Voter Partnership (MVP) is a collaboration between four social justice organizations in North Carolina:  Democracy NC, Common Cause NC, Ignite NC, NC PIRG, and Southern Vision Alliance. The partnership was formed in 2013 with the following goals:

  • Foster youth leadership development in NC.
  • Strengthen voter engagement infrastructure on campuses.
  • Increase access to the skills and tools that facilitate voter engagement.
  • Host reflection spaces to build shared vision and strategy.

The MVP Mini Grant Fund provides young people the financial resources to build the skills and infrastructure to educate and organize on their campus or in their community. Those between the ages of 17-30 may submit an application on behalf of an organization or group to fund a project that advances one or more of the above-mentioned goals. Priority is given to creative projects that involve collaboration between multiple organizations.

Some examples of previously funded projects include:

  • Election Night Watch Party at St. Augustine University: A student gathering with music, food, and educational materials on electoral engagement
  • Black Youth Project 100 National Convening in Durham:  Training around voter engagement, participatory democracy, criminal justice reform, healing and restorative justice
  • Southern POC Momentum at Bennett College:   A convening to empower organizers with the tools to strategize and shape mass mobilizations through movement theory and experimentation
Funding requests should be for food, supplies, materials, space reservation and rental fees, and other related costs. The MVP will fund individual organizations up to $500, and collaborative efforts involving multiple organizations up to $2000. Please read more about the application process and requirements below.

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