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The Millennial Voter Partnership (MVP) is a collaboration between four social justice organizations in North Carolina:  Democracy NC, Common Cause NC, Ignite NC, NC PIRG, and Southern Vision Alliance. The partnership was formed in 2013 with the following goals:

  • Foster youth leadership development in NC.
  • Strengthen voter engagement infrastructure on campuses.
  • Increase access to the skills and tools that facilitate voter engagement.
  • Host reflection spaces to build shared vision and strategy.

The MVP Mini Grant Fund provides young people the financial resources to build the skills and infrastructure to educate and organize on their campus or in their community. Those between the ages of 17-30 may submit an application on behalf of an organization or group to fund a project that advances one or more of the above-mentioned goals. Priority is given to creative projects that involve collaboration between multiple organizations. Because the MVP Mini Grant Fund is intended to provide resources to areas and communities that have historically been marginalized, we especially encourage applications from young people based outside of the Triangle and/or attending an HBCU.

Funding requests should be for food, supplies, materials, space reservation and rental fees, and other related costs. The MVP will fund individual organizations up to $500, and collaborative efforts involving multiple organizations up to $2000. Please read more about the application process and requirements below.

Application Requirements

Application Requirements

  • The project must engage young people between the ages of 17-30.
  • The applicant should request no more than $500 for a single organizational effort and $2000 for a collaborative project involving multiple organizations or groups.
  • The project must take place in the state of North Carolina.
  • The application must demonstrate that the project will empower young people with the skills and resources to engage with one or more critical issues in the state. Previously successful applications have included projects that advance racial equity, affordable higher education, and voter rights.
Examples of Previously Funded Projects
  • Election Night Watch Party at St. Augustine University: A student gathering with music, food, and educational materials on electoral engagement
  • Black Youth Project 100 National Convening in Durham:  Training around voter engagement, participatory democracy, criminal justice reform, healing and restorative justice
  • Southern POC Momentum at the Franklinton Center at Bricks:   A convening to empower organizers with the tools to strategize and shape mass mobilizations through movement theory and experimentation
Resources for Grant Applicants

Example of a successful MVP Mini Grant application

NC BLOC and Blueprint NC’s booklet “Best Practices for Building Collectives and Coalitions”

NC PIRG’s “The Activist Toolkit” including information on organizational recruitment, leadership development, grassroots organizing,and working with the media

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply?

The ideal applicant is an organizer or activist based in North Carolina between the ages of 17-30. The applicant should be requesting funds for a project that will empower young people in the state to engage with relevant social justice issues and/or build electoral power. 

Because the MVP Mini Grant Fund is intended to provide resources to areas and communities that have historically been marginalized, we especially encourage applications from young people based outside of the Triangle in eastern and western North Carolina. We prioritize applications from students attending HBCUs.

How do I fill out the application?

Click on the red and white button that says “Apply for a Mini Grant” to begin the application process. You will see a series of screening questions. Please read through these carefully as these are the requirements for your application to be considered. Once you have answered yes to all of the requirements, click “Next Page >”.

Here you will find the application. Your work will not be saved if you close the page without submitting, so you might want to draft your answers in a separate document. Answer all the questions to the best of your ability. You might also want to check out our list of resources for planning a project or consult a mentor.

What is the MVP Advisory Board looking for in an application?

Applications should clearly demonstrate how the proposed project will advance one or more of the goals of the MVP:

  •     Foster leadership development of young people in NC.
  •     Strengthen voter engagement infrastructure on campuses.
  •     Increase access to the skills and tools that facilitate voter engagement.
  •     Host reflection spaces to build shared vision and strategy.

Projects that foster collaboration between organizations and groups within the state are especially encouraged. 


An example of a successful application is posted under ‘Resources for Grant Applicants’ above.

This is my first time applying for a grant. How can I successfully plan a project and submit a strong application?

First, remember we want you to succeed! Applying for a grant can be overwhelming, but we hope you will submit an application.

Check out our list of resources below for planning convenings and mobilizations or developing creative media. A good project plan has goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and take place within a time frame, or SMART. If your application fits the requirements listed above and demonstrates a well developed plan, you have a high likelihood of receiving a grant.

Do I need to have an established relationship with an MVP organization or a contact with an MVP organization to apply?

No. We encourage applications from groups outside of the MVP table.

When will I hear whether or not my MVP Mini Grant application has been approved?

Please click on the link above to view our timeline with all the details about what to expect.

What does it mean that my proposed project must be 501(c)3 compliant?

Due to the legal limitations of the organization holding the MVP Mini Grant Fund, the MVP is unable to fund activities that endorse electoral candidates or promote engagement in direct lobbying of elected officials for legislative changes.

Make a Donation

If you are a foundation/grantmaker seeking to make a grant, or wish to send a donation by check, please fill out this contact form and indicate your foundation’s interest in granting to our Frontlines Leaders Fund.

If you’d like to make your donation on a recurring monthly basis, please click here.

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