Toppling Racism

A profound movement to end white supremacy is underway across the US. Southern Vision Alliance (SVA) is working to ensure that this groundswell of energy is well resourced and sustained for the long haul. The main goal of the fund is to help influence and counteract incidents and policies of white supremacy violence while strengthening solidarity across different communities. Community response can take many forms.

Recent TRF Support 
September 12th – National Week of Action to Topple White Supremacy
♦ Thirteen solidarity actions across the United States from Los Angeles to New York City
♦ Charlottesville, VA also had an impactful action, shrouding the statue of Thomas Jefferson on the University of Virginia’s campus.
♦ Major solidarity action in Durham, NC where supporters turned out to support the Freedom Fighters despite hurricane Irma’s rain! Supporters came from across the United States.