#WeAreThis Queer & Trans Youth Mobilization Fund

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The #WeAreThis Queer & Trans Youth Mobilization Fund is a rapid response fund created to support community mobilizations and projects that advance Queer and Trans liberation. The goals of this fund is to support queer and trans people of color on the frontlines of struggles for freedom and liberation. Many queer and trans people of color are organizing to reclaim their futures. They
recognize the legacy of slavery, genocide, and violence that makes House Bill 2 (HB2) possible, this reflective lens illuminates their histories and inspires the change in their realities.

We evaluate proposals on a rolling basis and distribute payment on a monthly basis. Currently, the fund prioritizes proposals centered around HB2. HB2 was passed by North Carolina General Assembly in March of this year. Among other alarming attacks on queer and trans communities and workers, this bill legalizes discrimination. The bill creates a barrier for individuals who want to file discrimination lawsuits, and eliminates local municipalities’ power to implement higher minimum wage standards. Overall this bill scapegoats transgender people to wage a broad attack on all communities.

Funding Priorities:

Open to all organizations, groups, and coalitions, in North Carolina
Organizations led by Trans & Queer People of Color, with limited access to traditional non-profit funding streams.
All groups applying must have an organizational budget of less than $250,000 annually.
Proposals that center a mobilization or direct action as a tactic — however we will consider other proposals such as trainings, retreats, and media/communication plans.
Proposals that use an intersectional analysis to uplift the experiences of Queer and Trans people.


This is a grassroots fund. More funding will be available as we receive additional donations to support the fund.

Range of Mini-grants
At this time the fund can offer mini-grants of $100-$750

#WeAreThis Queer Mobilization Fund is a project of the Southern Vision Alliance, a 501c3 organization. All proposals must be 501c3 compliant. All funds used for any non-compliant activities must be returned.

The Decision Making Team:

Tamika Lewis is a statewide community organizer and consultant who has strong passion for developing programs, organizations, direct actions, and coalitions. She has lived in North Carolina for 3 years and has worked with various organizations like Ignite NC, the Queer People of Color Collective and The Tribe. Her primary focus is on helping advance marginalized youth, communities of color, all Queer and Trans folks, and the community organizations who serve them.

Holden Cession is a southern magic maker and time traveler, existing and resisting in multiple worlds. They spend their days plottin’ and schemin’ collective liberation in conjunction and alongside grassroots efforts and situate trans communities of color at the epicenter of change. When they’re not in the streets you can find them nerding out about liberation theology, art, music, southern culture, and dancing the night away.

Loan Tran is a queer, immigrant, gender non-conforming writer and organizer. They see themselves grounded in a legacy of freedom fighters in the U.S. South and bring this spirit to their work on migrant justice, queer and trans liberation, and creating beloved communities. They enjoy writing, cooking with loved ones, and practicing systems of care that prioritizes the self-determination of abundant and magical bodies marked as weird and alien.