Queer Mobilization Fund

What is the Queer Mobilization Fund? 

The Queer Mobilization Fund was created in 2016 as a rapid response fund to support community mobilizations and projects that advance Queer and Trans liberation in the wake of NC House Bill 2 (HB2). The purpose of this fund is to support queer and trans people of color on the frontlines of struggles for freedom and liberation. Many queer and trans people of color recognize the legacy of slavery, genocide, and violence that makes HB2 possible. It is with this reflective lens that illuminates our histories and inspires change in our realities, that queer and trans people of color are organizing to reclaim our futures.

Since our inception, QMF has supported grassroots organizing and community-building efforts across North Carolina. Historically we have primarily conducted rapid response funding, with grants ranging between $500-$750. After conducting a series of listening circles in 2018, we are shifting QMF’s model to receiving applications twice a year for requests up to $5,000. 

We prioritize moving grants to LGBTQ, people of color led organizations doing work in North Carolina. QMF wants to support communities that are often barred from receiving financial support for their efforts. Our fund is able to support organizations and groups whether or not they have 501(c)3 status. 

Here are the areas of work we are looking to fund in 2020:

  • Organizational development: Support for your organization to do strategic planning, organizational strengthening, development of organizational structures, processes, etc.
  • Leadership development: Support for you or your organization to take advantage of opportunities to strengthen the leadership of LGBTQ people of color. This can be coaching, accessing trainings/conferences, or support for the creation of a leadership development program within your organization. 
  • Solidarity convenings/gatherings: Support for efforts that bring together LGBTQ people of color to relationship build, strategize, and extend solidarity efforts across issues, identities, and geographies.  
  • Healing Justice: Support for efforts that address trauma and healing with a political, social, economic, and spiritual framework. 

Money and what else? 

Grantees will have access to some technical assistance, capacity building, and training opportunities. QMF grantees will join a cohort where they can exchange and skillshare with each other. 

QMF’s Process

You can submit an application online, by phone, or by video. The application is reviewed by QMF’s community grantmaking panel, consisting of community members, activists, organizers from across NC. 

You can request up to $5,000. Each grant comes with an additional $500 to support wellness practices for the applying individual and/or organization. 

Make a Donation

If you are a foundation/grantmaker seeking to make a grant, or wish to send a donation by check, please fill out this contact form and indicate your foundation’s interest in granting to our Frontlines Leaders Fund.

If you’d like to make your donation on a recurring monthly basis, please click here.

Headquartered in Durham, NC, Southern Vision Alliance is a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization, donations are exempt to the extent provided by law. SVA provides values-based administration and operations support to frontline groups and initiatives across the region. Your donation supports the programmatic work and the administrative operations that enable sponsored projects of SVA to thrive and comply with all legal and 501c3 regulations. SVA’s Charitable Solicitation License Number is: SL009123

QMF is now accepting applications for our Fall Cycle from September 21 – October 21, 2020! Apply below at our website.


El Fondo de Movilización Queer (QMF, por sus siglas en inglés) fue creado en 2016 como fondo de respuesta rápida para apoyar movilizaciones y proyectos comunitarios que promueven la liberación de la comunidad queer y trans tras la aprobación del proyecto de ley 2 (HB2, por sus siglas en inglés). El propósito de este fondo es apoyar las personas de color queer y trans en la primera línea de la lucha por la libertad y liberación. Muchas personas de color queer y trans reconocen la herencia de esclavitud, genocidio, y violencia que hace que sea posible la ley HB2. Es bajo este prisma reflexivo que ilumina nuestras historias y inspira cambio en nuestras realidades que personas de color queer y trans están organizando para reclamar nuestros futuros.

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