Sponsored Projects

Community Alliance for Public Education

Community Alliance for Public Education‘s mission is to build capacity and support leadership development of parent-led, educator-led, student-led and community-led organizations, and to create collaborative spaces in which all people can dream, strategize, and fight together to win the schools we all deserve.

Comite de Accion Popular

Comite de Accion Popular es un espacio para juntos aprender y tomar accion .

Durham Beyond Policing

Durham Beyond Policing is a grassroots campaign to divest from policing and prisons and reinvest municipal resources into supporting the health and wellbeing of Black & Brown community in Durham, NC. ICE and police out of our neighborhoods!

Energy Democracy Leadership Institute

The Energy Democracy Leadership Institute will identify, train, mentor, and support twenty emerging leaders from most-impacted communities in eastern North Carolina to organize in their communities. The Institute will effectively galvanize a frontline-led energy democracy movement in North Carolina.

Greensboro Mural Project

The Greensboro Mural Project is an arts organization that engages the people of Greensboro in the process of creating murals through dialogue across the community. The Greensboro Mural Project uses public art as a tool to communicate, record history, and make Greensboro more beautiful.

Movement to End Racism and Islamophobia

The Movement to End Racism and Islamophobia (MERI) is a network of North Carolina-based organizations. We have a mission to end racism and Islamophobia by building a movement that challenges all forms of oppression. We work with folks and organizations from every background to uplift all marginalized voices. Since we launched this network in early 2015, we have grown to a network of 15 organizations and have organized forums and actions throughout North Carolina.

The Tribe

The Tribe is a group of committed individuals dedicated to community building, education, and revolutionary action. We hope to create an ever-evolving culture of love and wellness in the face of oppression for self-sustainability and empowerment in marginalized communities.

Migrant Roots Media

Migrant Roots Media (MRM) is a digital platform which seeks to amplify the perspectives of migrants on the root causes of our migration and shed light on the sociopolitical and economic reasons people struggle to stay and thrive in their homelands.

We strategically position these intersectional voices and understandings so they can aid in advancing narratives and political analyses concerning migration and other social issues.

NC Queer Youth Power Coalition

The NC Queer Youth Power Coalition is a youth-centered collaborative to strengthen the movement for queer liberation in the South.The coalition’s founding members are the Youth Organizing Institute, QORDS (Queer Oriented Rap-Rock Day School), and iNSIDEoUT/UPSIDEDOWN. The coalition organizes trainings and events, and supports organizing campaigns.

Communidad Collectiva

Comunidad Collectiva is a grassroots community organization focused on advocating for and protecting the human rights of immigrants in Charlotte and surroundingareas. Our organization is primarily led by directly affected youths and supported by allies. We are all volunteers, applying the knowledge and skills we have gained over the years to this organization and our communities. 

Tilde Education Fund

tilde is a cooperative that creates a sustainable livelihood for language workers, and advances language justice by providing high-quality interpreting, translation, training, and consulting in the North Carolina Triangle region and beyond.

Robeson County Cooperative For Sustainable Development

Robeson County, along with much of North Carolina and the country as a whole, is experiencing an affordable housing crisis. We are working together as a community to resolve this issue in ways that are just, workable, and respectful. In our collective search for solutions, we must always take into account the rights, dignity and perspectives of all individuals affected.

Ready the Ground Education Fund

Ready the Ground Education Fund (RGEF) supports c3-compatible work of Ready the Ground Training Team (RGTT). RGTT strengthens movements for social justice in North Carolina, primarily through offering training in nonviolent direct action and marshaling. RGTT prioritizes efforts that build power and grow leadership of communities of color and other oppressed communities.

Chatham Organizing for Racial Equity

CORE works to achieve equitable outcomes for all people in Chatham County. As a resource and connector for those interested in anti-racism work, we seek to raise awareness of systemic racism and strategies for dismantling it through our three arms: education, reconciliation, and organizing. Our community organizing arm builds and strengthens relationships with individuals, community groups, religious organizations, and nonprofits interested in race equity issues.



NoCap is the vibrant, powerful, evolving, dynamic youth focused fellowship designed to create maximum participation of youth in communities. We fight to increase voter turnout and create a base for transformation for young people excited to contribute to the movement for social justice. We want to make sure that we’re giving our fellows the tools that they need to continue the work that they’re passionate about and giving them the voice that they need to be able to create change.


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