Sponsored Project Program

Sponsored Project Program

SVA supports groups, projects and campaigns working for environmental justice, anti-racism, women’s rights, youth empowerment, LGBTQ rights, worker’s rights, civil rights and disability rights that address social change through community organizing.

Southern Vision Alliance provides fiscal-sponsorship to groups, projects, and campaigns that have a long-term vision for equity social justice and have alignment around the following core values and principles:

  • Movement first: less ego, more impact; Ella Baker school of leadership
  • Movement work that is multi-racial, multi-national, multi-gender, multi-generational, and accessible in terms of language, physical ability, child/family-friendly, etc.
  • Intersectionality, solidarity, and self-determination
    • The centrality of an anti-racist analysis as part of addressing power and oppression in the US South
    • Center the leadership of the most directly impacted
    • Support local leadership and opportunities to build alliance across geography and communities
  • Power through base-building, organizing, collective action, and deep leadership development which seeks to directly confront the root causes of oppression


Prospective Fiscally-sponsored Projects must meet the following criteria to be eligible:
  • Must be located in the US South (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas) 
  • A focus on grassroots organizing, activism, and long-term social change (not social service work)
  • A clear understanding of the root causes of the problem they are working to resolve
  • A priority for developing leadership from within the affected community
  • A priority for collaboration and developing collective strategies to achieve total liberation
Southern Vision Alliance does not provide fiscal-sponsorship for:
  • Organizations or programs whose primary work is around healing or social service/direct service models*
    • Academic research that is not connected or directed by a strategy to advance a grassroots campaign
    • Capital campaigns or building projects

    *We recognize the significance of healing justice and social service/direct services. These are areas of work that are also crucial to sustaining our organizers and our movements. Unfortunately these are areas we cannot provide support to unless they are connected to power building work we define as base-building, organizing, collective action, and deep leadership development. We recommend organizations working on these projects to seek support from organizations that have more experience in this area.  We are happy to share contact with organizations that may have better opportunities for alignment.

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