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The Southern Vision Alliance supports leadership development and base-building work for social, racial, and environmental justice, along with gender equity, LGBTQ rights, and education justice in the US South.
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Vote, Defend, Disrupt – Take the Pledge

We all know that there is so much at stake in the elections this November, taking place in the midst of the twin crises of COVID-19 and white supremacy. A historic movement has risen in the streets in response, to say that Black Lives Matter; to demand rights for essential workers; to say ‘No more!’ to evictions and student debt; to demand healthcare for all; and to defend migrant communities from ICE and deportations.

But we know that there are forces that oppose us that want to turn the clock backwards – and they’re mobilizing right now too.

Sign on to the pledge to say:

  1. We will mobilize our communities to get out and vote
  2. We will oppose efforts to suppress our votes leading up to, during, and after November 3
  3. We will mobilize and join efforts to defend democracy if attempts are made to steal the election

Support for Black Lives Matter Uprisings

Southern Vision Alliance sends our solidarity, love and rage to the movement that is boldly confronting white supremacy and anti-Black racism in its many forms. 

Our communities are facing two pandemics – COVID-19 and racism. Building power in the streets, in our neighborhoods, in our schools, and in our workplaces is critical. Like so many, we are encouraged by the uprising that has broken out across the South and across the country – in large cities and rural communities – ushering in a new period of struggle led by young people, Black folks and people of color, women, queer folks, migrants, and that is uncompromising and visionary.

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