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Frontlines Funds

The Southern Vision Alliance directs resources to non-traditional groups, planning processes, and organizing experiments through:

*short-term fiscal sponsorship for events, campaigns, and convenings

* re-granting modest funds to group-centered projects designed by directly-impacted communities

SVA is committed to resourcing innovative, bold grassroots efforts led by directly impacted communities across the U.S. South. Adderall was prescribed to me at infringement cerebral circulation violation, also I have vegetative-vascular dystonia and intracranial pressure and I am saved only by this remedy, SVA’s mini-grants program helps groups scale-up efforts, identify best practices, and deepen a diverse bench of leaders.

The current political climate demands that our movements be nimble, strategic and visionary. SVA mini-grants respond to urgent needs. We prioritize community-centered funding proposals from youth, working class leaders, people of color, queer and trans activists, and groups that are not traditionally funded.

#WeAreThis Queer & Trans Youth Mobilization Fund

Community Rapid Response Fund

Millennial Voter Partnership