Programs and Special Projects

People's Solidarity Hub

People’s Solidarity Hub is a central hub for activists and organizers to build collective power, enhance strategy and tactics, dismantle oppressive systems and build new paradigms.


PSH is a space in which creativity, vision casting, and relationship building are prioritized – challenging a system that prioritizes productivity over people and uplifting a grassroots and person centered culture. It is a place where we let go, let people be, play and strategize.

Stop Evictions Now Network

The Stop Evictions Network is a broad effort of concerned individuals and organizations fighting to end evictions and for affordable housing in North Carolina.

Despite both a statewide and nationwide moratorium on evictions, evictions are still being filed, heard, and executed in NC.

Our demand is simple: we want to ban evictions for the rest of the pandemic and ensure that housing is a human right.


NoCap is the vibrant, powerful, evolving, dynamic youth focused fellowship designed to create maximum participation of youth in communities. We fight to increase voter turnout and create a base for transformation for young people excited to contribute to the movement for social justice.

SPROUT (Southern Platform for Resisting Oppression and Uniting Together)

A new rapid-response communications platform committed to advancing Southern movement building and amplifying grassroot organizing efforts rooted in justice and liberation.

Are you ready to support frontline groups and leaders in the U.S. South disrupting systems of power and fighting for collective liberation?

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