Carolina Youth Power Fund

Carolina Youth Power Fund

The Carolina Youth Partnership (CYP) is a nonpartisan coalition of five 501(c)(3) organizations focused on civic engagement with North Carolina youth. The member organizations are Common Cause, Democracy NC, North Carolina Public Interest Research Group (NCPIRG), NoCAP, and Southern Vision Alliance (SVA). CYP meets monthly to share information and resources on organizing on college campuses, especially HBCUs. CYP also hosts events and trainings for student leaders and interns to share legislative updates, develop organizing skills, build community, and learn from students about the issues affecting their campuses.

Our vision is to see young people empowered to participate in democracy and organize on their college campuses and local communities on issues that they are passionate about. Young people are the current and future leaders of our communities and country, so connecting them to civic engagement and organizing is pertinent so they have influence on issues that will affect them in the future.

Application Requirements

  • The project must be led by young people between the ages of 13-25.
  • The project must be led by people directly impacted by the issue(s) – particularly Black, Muslim, immigrant, and/or LGBTQ youth.
  • The applicant should request no more than $1,000.
  • The application must demonstrate that the project will empower young people with the skills and resources to engage with one or more critical issues in the state.

*Activities cannot include any campaigns for or against political candidates. Activities cannot be conducted for the purpose of personal benefit. 501(c)(3)s have limitations on how much activity can be conducted to influence legislation.

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