Get Out the Vote: DaBaby and #NoCap

#NoCap with DaBaby at Mallard Elementary in Charlotte

This fall, the NoCap youth crew went big for Get Out the Vote. Voters under 40 are now close to 40% of North Carolina’s electorate—and the most racially diverse bloc. We built a fellowship team representing schools across the Triangle and Triad, with a focus on HBCUs. In the lead-up to Election Day, we brought our VOTE BABY VOTE bus down to Charlotte to partner with chart-topping Charlotte-based artist DaBaby. We staged a party at the polls in West Charlotte for early voting, followed by pull-ups at polling sites across Charlotte. And we had a VOTE BABY VOTE plane fly above the polls all day! These events brought tons of energy to young, Black Charlotte voters, and our work got covered by dozens of outlets, from CNN to BET.

“To partner with DaBaby on this initiative is huge for Charlotte. If there were ever a moment when young Black folks needed to vote and get engaged, this is that moment. We need to have our voices heard, right now. With DaBaby’s roots in our state, we have an opportunity to empower young people to action like never before,” said #NoCap2020 Director Jonah Vincent.

Now, NoCap is throwing down for the special elections in Georgia. We’re partnering with a series of grassroots groups on the ground in Atlanta, including Black Men Build, Black Male Initiative, and the People’s Uprising. We’ll be bringing our NC crew down for GOTV events and helping bring voters to the polls.

Check out #NoCap on Instagram @ignitethesouth for more updates.



#VoteBabyVote Airplane

#VoteBabyVote Bus

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