Internationalism, Black Liberation, Cuba, and MLK’s Legacy

Dear friends,

The Southern Vision Alliance team wishes you solidarity and hope in this new year!

In 2022, SVA will host a year-long webinar series aimed at sharing perspectives from movements for change in the US and Global South. Through these conversations, we will discuss challenges and opportunities, ground our understanding of historic and current conditions, explore strategies, and put forward bold visions for transformation and to build people’s power. We hope these exchanges will plant powerful seeds for frontline organizing.

Our first webinar in this series is coming up on Thursday, January 20, at 1pm eastern – Internationalism, Black Liberation, Cuba, and MLK’s Legacy. On this webinar, we’ll hear from:

  • Gail Walker – IFCO/Pastors for Peace Executive Director
  • Joshua Vincent – Southern Vision Alliance Executive Director
  • Wesley Morris – Former Venceremos Brigade Coordinator
  • Beau Cromartie – 2021 Cuba Caravan participant
  • Salifu Mack – 2021 Cuba Caravan participant
  • Shaquille Fontenot – 2021 Cuba Caravan participant

You can register to participate in this event here.

By uplifting voices from US and Global Southern perspectives, this webinar series will highlight grassroots stories from guests steeped in frontline organizing. Our goal is to make these webinars interactive to all who participate, and accessible both synchronously and asynchronously.

We enter the new year amidst many challenges—from the growth of racist and fascist forces in the South and around the globe, to the crisis of medical apartheid, brought to a head by both the pandemic and global capitalism.

As a people we are facing increased precarity due to the absolute failure to address climate disruption, as well as escalating attacks on women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, migrants and refugees, and all working class people. More than ever, it is important to gather our forces to carefully discuss and then act upon strategies to build a stronger movements for transformation and liberation.

In addition to viewers being connected to concrete actions and next steps to support ongoing organizing, content from these webinars will be shared via social media, podcasts, and other media platforms. We hope you can join us!

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