NC People’s Power Agenda Coalition Organizes NC Activists To Build Sociopolitical Power

NC People’s Power Agenda Coalition Organizes NC Activists To Build Sociopolitical Power

by | Nov 3, 2023 | Movement Building

Greensboro, N.C.  – On October 28, 2023 the NC People’s Power Agenda Coalition hosted representatives from 14 organizations at the Beloved Community Center in Greensboro, NC to assess the statewide political and social landscape, put forward ideas, and make commitments to organize for progressive change in the state. 

Activists from unions, community organizations, and grassroots groups looked toward 2024 and beyond as they shared their assessment of the political moment, the rise of right-wing and reactionary forces, and asserted the need for unity and collective action. They discussed campaigns covering issues from raising wages and protecting trans youth to funding local alternatives to police and affordable housing. They also discussed the threats on the horizon as we enter another Presidential election cycle where the far right will be seeking to put their agenda front and center. 

The NC Peoples Power Agenda Coalition formed in the spring of 2023 in response to far right attacks in the North Carolina General Assembly. As the NCGA passed far reaching legislation that will impact working people for generations to come, over 100 organizations came together under a 7 point broad agenda aimed to organize to fight back against the attacks on our bodies, our schools, our health, our environment, our rights, our communities, our income, our jobs, and our democracy. From SVA, members include: Queer Mobilization Fund, NoCap, Refund Raleigh, Southern Workers Assembly, Comite de Accion Popular, Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center, Peoples Solidarity Hub, and Black Workers for Justice. 

The coalition organized two rallies, press conferences, and lobby days at the General Assembly, and a statewide day of action on July 1, where activities took place in 11 cities; from Asheville to Raleigh to Fayetteville. Demands of the coalition include: Invest in Our Children! Fund Health Care! Keep Bans Off Our Bodies! Defend Our Rights and Democracy! Create an Economy for All! Uproot Racism! Protect Our Future! 

Moving forward, coalition members committed to organizing People’s Power Assemblies in 12 locales: Asheville, Boone, Cary, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Durham, Fayetteville, Granville, Greensboro, Greenville, Raleigh, and Vance County. People’s Power Assemblies are independent democratic spaces where residents listen to each other, gather critical information, set goals, and vote on priorities for bettering the community. From housing affordability to racial justice, from LGBTQ rights to economic justice, Peoples Power Assemblies seek to identify what’s important to the community, what issues working people face, and then make commitments for working together for equity, justice, and positive change! 

Participants: People’s Power Agenda Coalition gathering at the Beloved Community Center in Greensboro, NC

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