People’s Solidarity Hub Enters 2024 with a Robust Start

People’s Solidarity Hub Enters 2024 with a Robust Start

by | Mar 21, 2024 | Movement Building

Peoples Solidarity Hub operates as a central hub for organizers and community members to join and build collective power in the Triangle of North Carolina. In the first quarter of 2024 alone, 46 organizations and individuals have hosted over 100 events in the space. 

A Hub for Capacity Building and Community Gatherings

As  PSH enters the first quarter of its second year, approximately 8 organizations and unions have chosen PSH as the location for their monthly or bi-monthly chapter or organizational meetings. One of these groups is UE150, the NC Public Sector Worker Union, who has been embroiled in a months-long campaign for fair pay for Durham sanitation workers. 

City Workers rally outside of the March 18th city council, a continuance of their months long campaign for a fair wage

On top of that, there are 10 weekly or monthly politicized healing, arts, and cultural programming. In the latter group, all of their programming is targeted to marginalized communities and/or movement organizers. This includes the free upcoming Generative Somatic series. (you can register here

Flyer for the upcoming Generative Somatics practice group

Outside of those 18 regularly scheduled offerings, the PSH was home to over 50 public offerings. These ranged from radical healthcare workshops, open mics, art builds, history forums, group dinners, film screenings focusing on workers rights and healthcare for all, conferences, book clubs and performances.

Four artist practice their movements for the Gender Gallery’s “Love Letters: Reclamations of Gender Expansiveness,” which was performed at North Star Church of the Arts and Perfect Lovers in mid March

Continuing to Be A Base for Groups Organizing for Palestinian Liberation

Durham made history as the biggest city in North Carolina to organize its city council members to pass a ceasefire resolution. In the 2 months leading up to the ceasefire resolution, six organizations hosted nine events with the explicit purpose of educating, organizing, or mobilizing around Palestinian liberation and solidarity at People’s Solidarity Hub. Events included a “Palestine & Workers in the US” Forum and Discussion led by Durham Workers Assembly and a Black & Palestinian Liberation Open Mic hosted by the Carolinas chapter of the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Palestine & Workers in the US Forum

The Lending Library Continues to be a Critical Asset

Our People’s Lending Library supported 19 organizations and actions since January 2024. PSH’s Lending Library provided support to a majority of the ceasefire rallies held in both Durham and Raleigh like the Kites for a Free Gaza event and the Moore Square rallies. PSH coordinated with organizers to provide megaphones, mics, speakers, projectors, portable battery packs, folding tables, pop up tents, medic supplies, and more to each event. 

The image of a Palestinian child is projected onto the side of a building in Downtown Durham for a “Love Is an Action” installation  

Three children lift a kite into the air, that was emblazoned with the words “Gaza Will Be Free”                           

Working to Close Fundraising Gaps

With the demand for the PSH increasing, we know that expansion is a major goal.  However, expansion poses major challenges as we continue to face the ever present challenge of fundraising gaps.  In our month-long sustainer campaign last year, we were able to decuple (that means 10x!) our income from monthly and annual sustainers. We put significant energy into our sustainer campaign because we knew that the dozens of organizations that have used the PSH this year would be negatively impacted if we substantially raised the hourly rate to close our gaps. But, with a $146/hour operating cost and nearly 35% of events being  booked the PSH at the lowest end of the Solidarity Scale ($5/hour), funding from major donors and institutions will be critical to keep the PSH affordable and accessible for the organizing community.

If you would like to support this work by becoming a sustainer, please click here. If you are interested in having a deeper conversation about the PSH’s funding gaps, and how you can support, please email

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