Southern Summit 2024: Save the Date

SAVE THE DATE: June 26-29, 2024

Join with community organizers, thought leaders, activists, and cultural workers in Durham, NC for the first ever Southern Summit. More Details and Registration Page coming soon!

The Southern Summit

Reclaiming Democracy and Defeating Fascism by Worker and Community Organizing

Historical Framing:

In the turbulent eras of our country’s history, there emerge moments that stand as flashpoints of hope, rallying cries where the forces of justice and equality converge to challenge a prevailing darkness. The 2024 Southern Summit will be such a moment—a critical juncture in the ongoing battle against fascism and white supremacy. Rooted in the South, where beacons of progressivism abound but often go unnoticed, this summit marks a significant stride toward a more just and inclusive society.


Current Political Context:

The Southern Summit arrives at a pivotal moment, in a national election year as the South finds itself at the forefront of the fight against white supremacy and right wing dogma. Despite stereotypes, the region is a bastion of progressive ideals, housing a vibrant movement focused on essential issues such as democracy, reparations, healthcare, worker organizing, LGBTQ and gender justice, and the cost of living versus livable wages.


Overall Summit Goals:

  1. Convergence of Forces: The summit provides a much-needed space for organizations to convene, a rare opportunity in the aftermath of Covid lockdowns. In this hallowed space, organizers, leaders, and advocates from across the South unite their collective energy to share a vision of building a better world.
  2. The Power of Unity: The Southern Summit serves as a mass meet-up and testament to the South’s progressive spirit. Here, individuals from diverse sectors harmonize, driven by the common cause of defending democracy, dismantling the entrenched structures of racism, and organizing in workplaces and communities. 
  3. Strategic Analysis: Plenaries and workshops form the intellectual bedrock of the summit, delving deep into the forces at play. We will map the terrain, identifying challenges, and opportunities. Through this analysis, attendees gain insights essential to crafting effective coordinated strategies for solidarity and wins.
  4. Coordinated Action: The summit is more than just discourse; it is a call to action. Attendees collaborate to develop a coordinated program, a strategic blueprint designed to catalyze change. This program must extend into the fall, a season ripe with possibilities where seeds of transformation must be sown and nurtured.
  5. Amplified Voices: Communication becomes a powerful weapon in the fight against facism and white supremacy. Attendees explore avenues to enhance their collective voice, fostering an environment where narratives of equality, justice, and progress drown out the echoes of hatred and oppression.
  6. Defenders of Democracy: At the core of the summit lies an unwavering commitment: to defend democracy in our communities and workplaces. Amidst the challenges, the Southern Summit stands as a fortress, where the values of freedom, fairness, and equality are fortified against the onslaught of bigotry and reaction.


    In the tapestry of history, the Southern Summit is not just an event; it is a defining chapter—a testament to the South’s resilience, progressivism, and determination. Together, the attendees inscribe a new narrative, one where the echoes of their collective endeavors reverberate far beyond the summit, shaping a future where justice prevails and all voices are heard.


    As the Southern Vision Alliance celebrates its 10 year anniversary it will be an anchor for this convening and hopes to: 

    • Reflect on and celebrate the past 10 years of work throughout SVA’s ecosystem.
    • Identify the strategic roles that SVA has played and identify the growth in strategy SVA hopes to fill in the next 10 years.
    • Refine/remix the vision for SVA for the next 10 years and overall, and reinvigorate us all to help carry this forward with a broader southern movement ecosystem.


    For Partners, SVA Members, & Participants We Hope To: 

    • Co-create collaborative spaces that center marginalized voices and align around a shared analysis of the current political moment for the region, a vision for the next 10 years, and the strategies that move us towards a collective vision for the region 
    • Be inspired by culture and find connections to each other and the work through collective cultural experiences 
    • Identify and align around a collective/coordinated action after Election Day 2024 
    • Create an aligned understanding and develop strategies to fight against fascism
    • Identify ways stay connected & in trusted relationships with each other
    • Create containers that serve as solidarity spaces at the convening and can continue through many connected/communication methods: group chats, informal meetups, slack channels, shared google drives, etc.
    • Sharpen tools through hard skills trainings and prepare us for the proactive & responsive fights ahead and build more collective capacity in the region 
    • Create more people-centered sessions that allow us to build more trust in ourselves and each other and teach us how to concretize what it means to truly have each other’s backs and ensure that no one in this work is disposable 

    Key Partners

                      • Advance Carolina 

                      • Black Men Build 
                      • Carolina Federation 
                      • Emancipate NC 
                      • ImagineUs
                      • Piece By Piece Strategies 
                      • Poder NC 
                      • Queer Mobilization Fund 
                      • Rising Majority 
                      • Southern Workers Assembly
                      • UE Local 150, Public Sector Workers Union
                      • USSW/United Southern Service Workers

    To Become a Sponsor of the Southern Summit Contact: Manzoor Cheema

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