Sponsored Projects Associate

Sponsored Projects Associate

Organization: Southern Vision Alliance

Position: Sponsored Projects Associate

Hours/week: Full time, salaried staff, associate level

Category: Exempt employee

Desired Start Date: June 1, 2022

Compensation: $44,000 annual, with 90 day review, plus competitive benefits package

Application deadline: Position open until filled.

Location: Triangle/Triad/Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina


The Southern Vision Alliance (SVA) is looking for a detail-oriented person to support the sponsored projects department. This person must have a demonstrated commitment to SVA’s mission, vision, and values.

Required skills

  • Clear and demonstrated commitment to SVA’s core values of social justice, racial justice, and collective liberation
  • Ability to play a supportive role to a diverse group of people
  • Strong customer service skills, including timely email responsiveness and great phone call etiquette
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Good attitude and team-oriented
  • Skilled in budget planning and forecasting
  • Ability to meet deadlines and remain self-motivated
  • Attention to detail and willingness to patiently work with partners
  • Available during typical business hours in EST
  • Available and excited to travel to meet in person with partners across the south
  • Nimble and responsive to changing needs in a fast-paced work environment
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Computer literacy, including word processing, desktop publishing and database software
  • High proficiency with spreadsheets
  • Quick to pick up new software and systems
  • Excellent record-keeping abilities

Desirable experiences and skills

  • Teaching, training, group facilitation, and/or public speaking preferred
  • Spanish speaker is a plus


  • Supervised by Jess Jude, Associate Director
  • Collaborate with staff to complete responsibilities

Responsibilities include

  • Handle the day-to-day management of the fiscal sponsorship and outreach activities
  • Ensure that members of Sponsored Projects are promptly assisted, questions answered, research completed, and reports provided
  • Research and analyze community needs and developing initiative opportunities to serve southern communities in alignment with the SVA’s mission, vision, and identified priorities
  • Provide leadership, vision, and strategic direction including creating innovative Sponsorship Projects, new applications for existing programs, and securing diverse private and government revenue streams to support the services we provide to community-based initiatives
  • Assist in the onboarding and retention of Sponsored Projects
  • Develop and manage program budgets and operating plans
  • Help to negotiate MOUs, team agreements, partnerships, and contracts consistent with organizational policies and procedures
  • Manage assignments in SVA’s intranet related to supportive services requests
  • Ensure systems are in place to hold Sponsored Projects in compliance
  • Ensure principles and standards for effective service delivery and partnerships are incorporated in policies and procedures for Sponsored Projects’ staff in agreement with partners and affiliates
  • Provide administrative support for the SP team
  • Other duties as assigned


To Apply

Submit the following to jobs@southernvision.org:

  • Subject line: “SVA Sponsored Projects Associate application for <YOUR NAME>
  • Please attach the following:
    • Resume,
    • a cover letter, and
    • three references, including a recent supervisor and colleague (name, phone, email, relationship to you)


About Southern Vision Alliance

Southern Vision Alliance (SVA) is a justice centered values-based “grassroots intermediary” organized to provide incubation, infrastructure, capacity building, coaching, and technical assistance to frontline organizing projects, leadership programs, and collaborations led by directly-impacted communities in the US South. We are an anchor for frontline groups and leaders to disrupt and transform power for collective liberation.

SVA is headquartered in Durham, NC and supports a diverse cohort of fiscally sponsored projects and funds across North Carolina.

Hiring Principles

  • We hire people who will do excellent work for Southern Vision Alliance and its Sponsored Projects.
  • We prioritize transparent, accountable hiring processes.
  • We develop clear, replicable work systems that allow for new people to enter the work and for existing employees to evolve their roles and move into new positions.
  • We proactively work to identify and cultivate potential candidates for open positions at SVA who are: North Carolinians, people of color, trans* or gender non-conforming, chronically ill and disabled, or others who may face obstacles to employment in the mainstream economy.
  • We hire people who align with the mission and values of SVA.
  • We hire people who have direct experiences with the problems we are working to address.
  • We hire people who will contribute to a healthy, collaborative, fun, productive, always-evolving workplace culture.

SVA is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages people of color, women, LGBTQ+, and people with disabilities to apply.

SVA is an equal opportunity employer and prohibits discriminatory employment actions and treatment against employees and applicants for employment based on actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, familial status, family responsibilities, matriculation, political affiliation, genetic information, disability, and/or past incarceration.





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