Statement from NoCap on DaBaby

We are extremely disappointed and let down by the recent comments from DaBaby. There is absolutely no room in our work or our communities for homophobia or shaming and mischaracterizing folks living with HIV/ AIDS.

The partnership that NoCap held with “Vote Baby Vote” in the 2020 elections was centered around turning out young black and brown voters, without prejudice to their identity or background. NoCap remains a fully inclusive, “all people in” movement committed to uplifting and healing communities that experience violence from social and economic systems of domination, oppression and exploitation.

Our NoCap leadership and family  represent the LGBTQ community and we are asking for an apology, and full acknowledgment of the hurt that was caused by his actions and the statements made. In addition, we also acknowledge and condemn his previous physical altercation with a black women fan in which he initially denied responsibility.

We further encourage our people, community and networks to keep breaking the negative stigmas and false information regarding HIV/AIDS, Black women, LGBTQ+, kindred folk, sex workers, as we work to tear down the ideas that keep us from realizing the powerful youth movement we need and are part of creating.

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