Southern Visions: Webinar Series

Webinar Series

In 2022, SVA will host a year-long webinar series aimed at sharing perspectives from movements for change in the US and Global South. Through these conversations, we will discuss challenges and opportunities, ground our understanding of historical and current conditions, explore strategies, and put forward bold visions for transformation and building people’s power. We hope these exchanges will plant powerful seeds for frontline organizing.

POSTPONED - Reproductive Justice and Roe v. Wade

In March, to honor international Working Womens Day, we want to focus our podcast on uplifting the work of reproductive justice workers in the South.

We would like to extend an invitation for you to join us, Thursday March 24, from 1pm-2:30pm for a conversation about the history of Abortion funds and reproductive justice in the south, and a deep dive into the current attempts to roll back Roe V Wade – and how people can get involved to push back.

Feb 23 - Organize the South: Southern Workers Lead the Way

This Black History Month webinar featured workers and organizers from the Southern Workers Assembly, speaking about their work across the South to build local workers assemblies, workplace committees, and addressing broader questions around the task to organize labor in the South. 

In particular, the webinar discussed:

  • Asserting workers power through building local workers assemblies
  • “Safe Jobs Save Lives” Campaign to demand safe working conditions in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic
  • “Democracy in the Community and Workplace” to exercise working class power on the job and in the community, bringing together the workplace and community struggles

Jan 20 - Internationalism, Black Liberation, Cuba, and MLK's Legacy

On this webinar, we heard from:

  • Gail Walker – IFCO/Pastors for Peace Executive Director
  • Joshua Vincent – Southern Vision Alliance Executive Director
  • Wesley Morris – Former Venceremos Brigade Coordinator
  • Beau Cromartie – 2021 Cuba Caravan participant
  • Salifu Mack – 2021 Cuba Caravan participant
  • Shaquille Fontenot – 2021 Cuba Caravan participant
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