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  • Flush Voter Suppression

    Ignite NC

    Sign up to take a stand for voting rights in NC! In 2013, Pat McCrory passed H.B. 589, putting into effect one of the worst voter suppression laws in the country. Measures such as the photo ID requirement at the polls, the elimination of pre-registration for 16- and 17-year-olds, and shortening the early voting period by ...more

  • #BOEWakeUp Stop Voter Suppression in Wake County

    Ignite NC

    Sign up to attend the meeting! Stop Voter Suppression in Wake County Ignite NC is calling on all people to stand up and fight against voter suppression that disproportionately impacts youth, people of color, and working class people across the state. In March’s primary Wake county residents experienced extremely long lines with 3 hour waits, and students ...more

  • Solidarity with Orlando!

    We send our condolences and solidarity to all LGBTQ people impacted by the mass shooting in Orlando, Fl. To the LGBTQ youth for whom this tragedy is another confirmation that the world is not made in your image; for the Muslim youth for whom this tragedy offers no room for mourning because the Islamophobic hysteria has ...more

  • Fall Fellowship Applications Open

    Ignite NC

    APPLICATION DEADLINE IS Saturday, August 13 at 11:59PM. Applications sent earlier will be prioritized. $500 stipend upon successful completion. Descriptions of fellowships are below Decisions will be made by August 19.  Eligibility requirements: *Must be in North Carolina *Must be between the ages of 18-30 *Must be committed to to social justice *Must be available for training September 2-5 training, Election Day November 8, & ...more

  • Announcing YOI's New Director: Loan Tran

    Dear community,                    I joined the Youth Organizing Institute family in 2013 as a volunteer and community supporter. The first program that I came in touch with was YOI’s Summer Freedom School--a multi-week summer camp for young people who want to fight the power and change the world. ...more

  • 7th Annual Summer Freedom School: Build Youth Power to Fight the Power!

    Participants of 2015 YOI Freedom School Durham Track in front of the historic Pauli Murray House. Help us raise $2,500 to support the 7th Annual Summer Freedom School. Over the past 6 years, YOI has convened the Summer Freedom School program, bringing together young people who dare to change the world. Youth of color, LGBTQ youth, working ...more

  • Help us get to Allied Media Conference

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  • Our Students Deserve More!

    CAPE is fighting for the Schools Our Students Deserve. Since 2014, we have been working to build Community Alliances for Public Education. Our mission is to unite educators, parents, and community leaders in the fight to defend and transform public education. Our work has been focused in Cumberland, Durham, Forsyth, Guilford, and Wake ...more

  • Sign & Share! Stop Obliterating NC Black History

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  • 2016 YOI Summer Freedom School Adult Ally Support Signup!

    SIGN UP HERE! This summer the Youth Organizing Institute is hosting its 7th Annual FREEDOM SCHOOL! It will be our second year with both a Raleigh and Durham Freedom School (AND we are also supporting Chapel Hill partners run their own). Over the years, adults have been an essential part of the Schools, and we want ...more


    CALLING ALL RABBLE ROUSERS! APPLY TODAY! The Youth Organizing Institute is a popular and political education leadership development program committed to DISMANTLING THE SCHOOL-TO-PRISON-PIPELINE, ENDING RACISM & RESEGREGATION, AND MAKE SCHOOLS SAFE FOR LGBTQ YOUTH. DEADLINES: FOR FREEDOM SCHOOL INTERNS (available only to alumni of previous Freedom Schools): Wednesday, MAY 18th FOR FIRST TIME FREEDOM SCHOOL PARTICIPANTS: Wednesday, June ...more

  • Ending the Criminalization of Students in Wake County

    Please RVSP here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1C7_PVtfzUQlifw6tKpfrXaR59DRoIwHU7rERFBhfHCM/viewform by April 4th A Community meeting to address increased suspension, over-policing and mass incarceration of black and brown youth in Wake County. If you feel this is a issue in are public schools come out and let your voice be heard ! The Facts: -62% of students suspended are Black, while 13.5% are Latino. -More than ...more

  • #BlackLivesMatter Queer and Trans People of Color Coalition respond to NC HB 2

    Ignite NC

    On the anniversary of the passing of Blake Brockington, a Black trans teen from Charlotte, N.C., Gov. Pat McCrory and the North Carolina General Assembly moved to attack working people and create dangerous conditions for women, LGBTQ people, Black and Brown people, and any workers who experience discrimination or who struggle to make ends meet. The ...more

  • We oppose House Bill 2! Black trans lives matter!

    Today in North Carolina, legislators have called an emergency session to ensure that LGBTQ people, workers, and students will be met with pushback and discrimination at work, in restrooms, at schools, and essentially any space where trans people want to access resources and accommodations. We oppose HB 2 and recognize that this bill will be particularly ...more

  • ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ Queer and Trans People of Color Coalition Response to NC HB 2

    03.23.2016─ Statement: On the anniversary of the passing of Blake Brockington, a Black trans teen from Charlotte, North Carolina, Governor Pat McCrory and the North Carolina General Assembly moved to attack working people and create dangerous conditions for women, LGBTQ people, black and brown people, and any workers who experience discrimination or who struggle to make ends ...more

  • Sign the Petition to Support Open Endowment at Guilford!

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  • Free Wildin and Stop the Attacks on Immigrants!


  • Early Voting Monitors Find Pat McCrory’s Monster Voter Suppression Law Impedes Young Voters.

    Ignite NC

    Early Voting Monitors Find Pat McCrory’s Monster Voter Suppression Law Impedes Young Voters. Youth Mobilize to Protect NC Voting Integrity. In August 2013, Pat McCroy signed HB589 into law, a set of new rules referred to pro-democracy advocates as North Carolina’s Monster Voting law.  On the day Gov McCrory signed the bill he stated, “...the law ...more

  • Registration for Teen Convening, now open!

    Click here to register your youth group for Building Bridges: Teen Convening Each spring since 2012, the Youth Organizing Institute has hosted the Building Bridges Teen Convening, a retreat for youth organizers and activists throughout North Carolina. Through this convening, teen organizers and adult allies who organize to end the school-to-prison pipeline, fight racism, work for ...more

  • A public response from 'The BOG 4'

    Ignite NC

    Letter: A public response from 'The BOG 4' Femi Shittu With the support of Irving Allen, Jen Myers and Madeleine Scanlon "The BOG 4" On Jan. 26, 2016, the UNC System's Board of Governors held their meeting at The Center for School Leadership Development building on the campus of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. ...more

  • Students Band Together Against Voter Suppression

    Ignite NC

    RSVP FOR A VOTE DEFENDER TRAINING NEAR YOU Students Band Together Against Voter Suppression We are at a critical moment in North Carolina. In 2013 our state passed the worst voter suppression law in the country which included an end to pre-registration for 16 and 17 year olds, elimination of same day registration, a week cut to ...more

  • Register Now for the Elizabeth City Vote Defender Training

    The Elizabeth City Vote Defender training will be held on Monday, October 7.  We're really excited about the great group of activists already signed up, but we need more vote defenders to make sure there isn't student voter suppression on Election Day this year.  At the training, volunteers will be taught how to document incidents ...more

  • Youth ready to monitor polls

    NC Vote Defenders monitor the polls for voter suppression at Precinct 212 After marching at HKonJ and mobilizing to watchdog county BOE meetings we are gearing up to train our next group of Vote Defenders for the May primary.  We know that youth, people of color, and the elderly are being targeted by new voter ...more

  • Campus Precincts Threatened

    http://www.wral.com/advocates-say-politics-motivates-moving-polling-places-off-campus/13511385/ A recent article by WRAL states that campus precincts maybe closing. This is an important development. We need to make democracy easier for people to participate in, not ...more

  • NC State Student responds to precincts moving

    http://www.technicianonline.com/opinion/article_89a80ce4-87d9-11e3-a845-001a4bcf6878.html Mary-Kyle, an Ignite NC Fellow, member of the North Carolina Student Power Union and a Vote Defender responds to threats of moving precincts off of campus: Mary-Kylie Cranford, Guest Columnist How the NCGA suppresses the student vote Let’s talk. The members of the 2013 North Carolina General Assembly pushed through a nearly 60-page bill that attacked student enfranchisement. Why ...more

  • NC Vote Defenders Mobilize for HKonJ

        Youth and Students of North Carolina must come together with the NC NAACP to stand against voter suppression and with the HKonJ agenda. We will be marching on February ...more

  • Misinformation, Confusion, and Physical Barriers Plague NC Municipal Elections

    NC Vote Defenders

    This past Tuesday on November 5, Election Day, The NC Vote Defenders partnered with Democracy NC and student organizations and took to precincts across Boone and Charlotte. The NC Vote Defender rally on the campus of Appalachian State Students rally to support voting rights and encourage their peers to head to the polls. Prior to Election ...more

  • We got a lot of coverage on Election Day!

    NC Vote Defenders

    Boone Vote Defenders Ready for Election Day. Our work in Charlotte and Boone got a lot of attention yesterday, and we were featured in many different publications across the south. Lengthy pieces featuring the Vote Defenders were published in, Charlotte Creative Loafing, Carolina Public Press, and the Watauga Democrat. On their, websites, you can find great interviews with ...more

  • NC Vote Defenders to Monitor Polls in Watauga and Mecklenburg Counties

    NC Vote Defenders

    Boone and Charlotte, N.C. – Beginning early Tuesday morning the NC Vote Defenders will make their second appearance at North Carolina precincts.  The NC Vote Defenders is a non-partisan project started by young people in the fall of 2013 to raise awareness of changing voting laws and advocate for all North Carolinians’ right to the ballot box - ...more

  • NC GOP Leader Says New Voting Laws Hurts 'lazy college kids' and 'lazy blacks'

    NC Vote Defenders

    GOP Precinct Chair Don Yelton Republican Leader's Remarks Show New Voting Laws Are Designed to Disenfranchise Youth and People of Color Durham, NC - On Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart this past Wednesday, Don Yelton of the Buncombe County GOP clearly stated that our state's new voting laws were passed not to prevent voter ...more

  • Key Elections Approaching in Boone and Charlotte, So Sign Up to be a Vote Defender

    NC Vote Defenders

    One Election Day Down, One To Go November 5 is Election Day in Watauga and Mecklenberg counties, and the NC Vote Defenders will once again be at the polls to stand against voter suppression.  Just as we did in Raleigh and Elizabeth City on October 8, we will be at various precincts in Boone and Charlotte ...more